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Virtually all drivers want to operate freely along the way in order to meet the demands of their respective daily tasks. However, drivers must not forget their duties and responsibilities in the road to avoid possible harm and damages to themselves, to others, and to properties. The law specifically mandates drivers to yield the right of way at specific areas to avoid possibilities of vehicular accidents.

Failure to Yield is a minor yet hazardous traffic offense. This incident occurs when a driver fails or refuses to yield (give way) the road appropriately causing a possible crash which most of the time involves the injury victim driving the car that fails to yield. Accidents can occur from a variety of situations such as during flashing lights of the traffic signs, turning driver fails to yield to an approaching vehicle, aggression in the highway, driver aggressively refuses to let pedestrians pass, among others.

Apart from the regular ticketing fines, a driver may need to pay for the other damages and injuries in the event of accidents to the victim or their properties.


SIMILAR USA STATE LAWS General Law stipulates that penalty for failure to yield the right of way shall not exceed $200. For failure to yield the right of way causing accidents, an investigation shall be conducted, and victims may file for compensatory damages such as but not limited to medical bills, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, household services, vocational rehabilitation, disfigurement, and pain and suffering.


Everyone has a right of way as much as each and every driver would like to operate freely on the road to meet the demands of their respective daily endeavors. However, a driver’s duties and responsibilities on the road should not be made lesser priority than those wants. Like other minor traffic offenses, SIMILAR USA STATE LAWS mandates an amount of penalty for failure to yield the right of way. However, things are further exacerbated by the fact that in cases of accident, more damages needs to be compensated. Our experienced traffic attorneys can provide excellent services to contest failure to yield right of way penalties, drop the traffic violations ticket, and avoid paying the penalties. With the length of experience, these traffic lawyers are proficient making the way out of a traffic ticket without having to pay the penalties