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Stop sign violations involve motorist violation of traffic control devices placed at intersections crossing requiring drivers to stop. Similar to red sign violation, a stop sign violation occurs when a motorist fails to stop at the right time during a red light.

However, unlike red light violations, stop sign violation is characterized by the failure of a motorist to come to a full and complete stop at the stop sign.  Where a driver misses the stop sign or makes only an incomplete stop can become probable causes for stop sign violations.  Nearly all stop sign laws of the country state that a driver shall stop at a limit line and there are specific conditions that mandate to call for a violation.

One major problem involving stop sign violations is the fact that stop signs can be just a second or can be momentary. As there is no existing law how long stops can be and only full and complete stops should be done, it causes confusion among motorists.


The fine for running a stop sign or red light is approximately $100 to $240 (2 points) in Ticket Fixer REPRESENTED States. Rates may vary from one county to another. $100 or more is too big for a minor and not at all hazardous traffic violation!


Stop light violation, just like a red violation, can involve anyone much more frequently than other minor offenses such as speeding. Many factors such as lack of focus, internal and external distractions, as well as poor road conditions can cause a very cautious driver to get involved with stop light violations. Although penalties for this offense may be lighter, paying only $100 plus 2 points on the record, still it can cause unnecessary trouble which could be contested with the help of experienced traffic attorneys of our firm provide quality services which can help a ticketed driver fight against the penalties no matter how elementary they may be. Competent lawyers whose experiences have surpassed the years can easily beat stop sign violations so your penalties stay in your pockets!