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Drivers frequently accelerate their speed to meet up with the demands of their everyday lives. While facts show that virtually all drivers will have speeded at one point in their lives, this act can cause serious consequences and great inconvenience to drivers. Both local and state troopers will not hesitate to catch the speeding driver which in turn will lead to several penalties according to regulations.

All states set specific speed limits to ensure road safety in any given area. However due to the huge number of violations several certain state regulations are being implemented to ensure the maintenance of law and order thereby ensuring road safety for both driver and passenger in any given area at a given time.

Consequences of Speeding

Several states have a different ruling for tickets involving speeding. The Commonwealth of SIMILAR USA STATE LAWS General Laws stipulates traffic ticket fine and penalties is associated with the nature of the offense and the driver’s history. A typical ticket will consist of $50 base fine plus $50 surcharge and $10 for each mile per hour over 10 MPH more than the speed limit. Upon receipt of the ticket, the driver receives points or surcharges which reflect on the driving record. If this record contains too many surcharges, a driver is penalized as follows:

Violations Penalties

3 speeding tickets within 12 months Suspension of Driver’s License for 30 days

3 events (moving violations, surcharged violations or combination) within 2 years Driver Retraining course within 90 days; Failure in which tantamount to suspension of Driver’s License

7 events (moving violations, surcharged violations or combination) within 3 years Suspension of Driver’s License for 60 days

Note that the above-mentioned violations are not limited to speeding alone but may also include other tickets. Within a year, a third subsequent violation of speeding limits shall warrant the driver to a revocation of driver’s license along with order provisions of the state’s laws.

It is apparent that anyone can be involved in speeding at one point in our lives as drivers. While most people are accustomed to just paying the fines and move on. This is not mostly advisable since each speeding, or any offense made is recorded through a point system which in the future may result in penalties and fines. Experienced traffic attorneys of our firm provide quality services which can help a ticketed driver fight against the consequences by attempting to have the ticket dropped and your record clean. Points, penalties, retraining courses, and revocation of licenses can be prevented through swift legal action.