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TICKET FIXER wants to HELP you understand shopping a “FLAT RATE TRAFFIC ATTORNEY,” is one of the best cost savings you can do?

Spending $2000+ to have a lawyer appear as your representative in traffic court (so you don’t have to attend) is allot of your hard-earned cash gone, plus the court costs and fees and fines. Don’t do it! Use one of our TICKET FIXER attorneys at a flat rate attorney fee and they typically they the attorney will plea bargain your ticket to a lesser violation saving court costs, fees and fine. Plus, you don’t have to appear in court!

 All our TICKET FIXER Attorneys charge a flat fee rather an hourly rate, which is a great value for the defendant and all of our lawyers accept traffic citation information using their own and ours online representation. You don’t even have to meet with the lawyer in person. No hassle, no time loss when you let a TICKET FIXER traffic attorney do it  “ALL”  for you! 

The flat fee is referred to as the retainer and you will need to pay that fee in advance. The amount of the retainer is based on all the flat fee or an estimated cost. 

Additional payment only applies if the case is deemed more than the stated TICKET FIXER FLAT RATE FEE. In this case all information is transparent and  “unlikely” on most of TICKET FIXER FLAT FEE SCENARIOS this is discussed with the attorney from the beginning with no surprises. 

If this rare situation occurs all our attorneys are FLAT RATE based and have solid full disclosure “Money Back Guarantee” helps you understand when and if this happens.

The most common traffic violation is speeding, running a red light; making an illegal U-turn; driving without a license, non-registered vehicle, no proof of insurance; hit and run; reckless driving; seat belt or child restraint violations; are a few. TICKET FIXER not only refers the correct traffic ticket attorney but helps to get your traffic ticket reduced, most commonly to a non-moving violation. This is great news for you and your insurance company.

TICKET FIXER ATTORNEYS specialize in speeding and other traffic law violations, many handling hundreds of cases daily. A TICKET FIXER attorney will negotiate for you, attempting to get the charges dismissed on technicalities and or well-established legal procedures to minimize the impact on your driving record and auto insurance rates.

Traffic laws are generally divided into infractions or violations. An infraction is not considered a crime, the only penalty is a fine, and a person who is guilty of an infraction can’t be jailed, unless the ticket goes into a BENCH WARRANT for your arrest due to nonpayment. This is another reason you should seek put a FLAT RATE lawyer for help simply just use a TICKET FIXER attorney to get all issues handled for one disclosed cost.

Laws vary considerably from state to state, and this is why TICKET FIXER has approved FLAT RATE lawyers in most all of the US states to use when deciding whether to fight a traffic ticket.

Depending on state laws, a traffic ticket can cause your auto insurance rates to go up 30-50 percent or more for the next two to three years. Therefore, using TICKET FIXER FLAT RATE ATTORNEYS just makes good sense. You save money. Fines, court fees and other assessments are charges with the nature of the charges against you. Fees are the fines and charges the court assigns to any traffic ticket. The interesting thing is that when using a TICKET FIXER FLAT RATE ATTORNEY, you will not only save the effort and not going to court but the fines and fees you pay in addition to any FLAT RATE ATTORNEY is that of the reduced fine on the reduced fine that the TICKET FIXER ATTORNEY will and does pleas bargain the original traffic ticket down too almost in all instances. This is a great bonus and outcome for you. Many times moving violation can be reduced to a NON-MOVING violation. You want this. Reflects well your driving record and the final fines as well! 

Almost all traffic tickets cases are settled without a trial, but when using a TICKET FIXER FLAT RATE ATTORNEY your efforts are minimized. One of the best benefits of having a traffic ticket attorney. They do it “ALL” for you! They “REPRESENT YOU!”

Some attorneys offer discounts and specials from time to time. TICKET FIXER does not take those savings, they are passed on to you! Please understand that we are a convenance service referral company and do not increase the lawyer fee in any way. This is great news for you. Making your already busy life less busy worrying about the traffic ticket you received. Maybe in example travelling away from your home state in your vehicle, rental car, or someone else’s. You live in Illinois, but the ticket was received in California. Ticket Fixer attorneys have you covered. 

Using TICKET FIXER to shop for a flat rate traffic ticket attorney makes great sense. TICKET FIXER has already done the groundwork for you. We validate the attorney’s education, experience, and area of specialty. We have checked the American Bar Association for lawyer referral services by each state we represent the referral for. 

All of TICKET FIXER attorneys provide you with solid cost fee agreement. This helps you to understand what is covered, and any other fees and expenses you might have to pay to settle your traffic ticket/s. 

Plus, we constantly review what was the quality of service you the consumer received. If we validate a consistent history of problematic transactions with our ticket fixer lawyers with our wonderful consumers who want to fight their ticket and preserve their rights, we remove them from our network. 

Our service is dedicated to easy, no problems transactions that are crystal clear to you and expect fantastic legal and satisfaction results. Affordable and positive consistent results is what we offer you. Thank you for participating in our program.