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Traffic control devices are placed at intersections and crossings requiring drivers to stop at limit lines in order to allow other drivers as well as passengers to move forward. This is one measure to assure a smooth and hazard-free flow of transport in major intersections and crossings. Traffic control devices consist mainly of three colored light markers: red, yellow, and green.

Red light violation is a commonly ticketed traffic violation wherein a motorist enters an intersection or crossing when traffic control devices have already turned red. It is perhaps one of the most common and easily caught minor traffic violations intentionally or unintentionally committed by motorists driving on the rush. Turning right on a red light is permissible only if it is safe to do so given the circumstances. Turning left at a red light, too, is allowed if both the origin and destination of the motorist are one way.

While red light violation cameras are prohibited in Ticket Fixer REPRESENTED  States, police officers are still quick enough to catch even the slightest unintentional violation pertaining to red lights.


Section 9, Chapter 89 of the SIMILAR USA STATE LAWSLaw states “any person violating the provisions of this section shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $150 for each offense.” This fine may change over time and differ by county. Also, 2 points are marked on the motorist’s record. Given that this offense is minor, penalties are not really that heavy compared with the others. However, having to pay as much as $150 is no joke and still is not good enough! Further, your record will suffer too!


A red violation can involve anyone much more frequently than other minor offenses such as speeding. While most of us are cautious of road signs, the demands of the circumstances, distractions, poor road and traffic sign conditions, as well as other factors may prevent us from properly stopping at a red sign on the right time. Although penalties for this offense may be lighter, paying only $150 plus 2 points on the record, still it can cause unnecessary trouble which could be contested with the help of experienced traffic attorneys of our firm provide quality services which can help a ticketed driver fight against the penalties no matter how elementary they may be.