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Tailgating or more commonly known as driving or following too closely is a minor traffic offense. Under the SIMILAR USA STATE LAWS General Laws on Traffic, “The driver of a vehicle shall not follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent, having due regard to the speed of such vehicle and the traffic upon and condition of the street or highway.” This measure is implemented to prevent possibilities of minor accidents especially during traffic or rush hours.

While this violation is only a minor moving violation, a driver is surcharged, and points are placed on the driver’s driving record and insurance.  Having points on one’s driving record will do no good. Ultimately these points will, no matter how minor the offenses may be, add up and lead a driver to a tremendous penalty.


Tailgating or following too close is a minor offense and the penalties associated with it do not go beyond $100. However, the simple nature is not something that an ordinary driver should ignore. It is described as a surcharge able event and thus a driver committing such offense is liable to a surcharge and a point which will be registered in the driving records.

Furthermore, should an accident occur, further damages, as well as insurance, will be charged to the driver.

Another thing about tailgating is the fact that mostly, this offense is recorded following a car accident. Thus, usually violators are issued with double surcharges, one for tailgating and another for the accident. Thus, given its minor nature, tailgating is still a potential headache to the driver.


Just like all the other traffic violations both minor and major, an appeal may be made for a civil infraction. A notice will be given to the requesting party for a court hearing from the applicable District Court. Experienced lawyers well-versed in traffic ticket cases both minor and major can easily arrange and contest penalties and surcharges of the driver in question.