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Congratulations! We have found an attorney who meets your desired criteria! You will receive Legal services & advice, your attorney will fight this ticket for you in court. Your legal fee is FLAT RATE so its paid in full once you select the desired TRAFFIC TICKET ATTORNEY.

After you select your lawyer the flat rate fee goes directly to the attorney. No hidden fees. No worries, we handle everything from here. The only charge now is a $5 admin fee. This is a onetime fee and helps legitimize the validity of you and your need of a credible traffic ticket lawyer and pays for our efforts as a referral service for clients just like you.

After this form is filled out and sent 1 or more attorney’s details will be displayed for your selection. You then have the option to select a Ticket Fixer Attorney to represent you in all your traffic ticket needs, when you select an attorney then you will be contacted by that attorney

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